049heimasíðaHamar’s goal is that its employees are skilled, enthusiastic and well trained. Employees that can have the ability to show initiative and are responsible for their actions. Personnel that can then be active in the progression of the company both in present scope of work as well as the future ones. We want our staff to be willing to adjust to changing environment in our field of work. 


  • That our staff is familiar with Hamars practice and the S.H.E.Q. policy
  • Effective work procedure and active teamwork
  • Hamar being a desirable workplace
  • Safe and encouraging workplace
  • Information on all matters necessary for employees is regularly provided


  • We want people with a wide range of knowledge and experience for different departments of the company
  • Choosing the right candidate is based on impartial and professional procedure
  • All hiring is done by signing a formal contract   


  • Ensure equal opportunity for professional growth regardless of gender, religion, political opinion, nationality and race
  • New employees get training so that they get a comprehensive understanding of the work required from the employee
  • Employees can have an education contract


  • We strive to have a positive working environment by showing co-workers and customers respect and patience
  • We try to coordinate demands of work and family responsibilities as much as possible. This can only be done through close cooperation between an employee and person in charge