Quality managment  -  ISO 9001

Hamar works under regulations from ISO 9001.

The Quality and safety policy of the company is directly linked into the operational and financial objectives of Hamar.

Conducting all work in a professional way according to a certified quality management system ensures high quality service and products for Hamar’s costumers.

Safety, health and environment 

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Rio Tinto Procurement Europe, Middle-East & Africa Supplier Award 2011From our perspective one accident is one too many. Our goal is a zero-accident workplace, it is in the mind of everyone at Hamar that we all can go home at the end of the day unharmed in all ways.

" Let’s keep safe and go home intact “

Safety and environmental issues have been a part of Hamar’s mindset from the day the company started working according to ISO 9001. Hamar was the first metal company in Iceland to incorporate its own health, safety and environmental policy. A manual with ways to prevent accidents and information on Hamar’s safety policy is available in English and Icelandic on Hamar’s website.

Safety manual

Hamar S.H.E.Q. survey

S.H.E.Q. policy

  • Ensure the safety and health of all parties that have access to the workplace
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts of business activities.
  • Always comply with the requirements and expectations of customers and employees of professionalism
  • Ensure that legal requirements related to business activities are followed
  • Work towards continuous improvement of management systems, with the aim to maximize:
    • quality of the goods and services that the company provides.
    • Safety and health conditions in the workplace.
    • ergonomic in environment management
    • partnerships that lead to efficiency in management and production

Hamar has been recognised by companies and institutions in Iceland for Hamar’s contribution to safety and quality management. Among them are: Vátryggingafélag Íslands, Félag vélstjóra og málmtæknimanna (VM), Elkem Ísland and Rio Tinto Alcan á Íslandi.