Hamar was founded in 1998 by the current owners Davíð Þór Sigurbjartsson and Kári Pálsson. From that time, it has grown from a small machine workshop to a company set in six locations around Iceland. Hamar is stationed in three locations in the capital area, at Kópavogur where the main office is, in Hafnarfjörður and by the main harbour in Reykjavik. Hamar is also located at Grundartangi, Akureyri and Eskifjörður.

Hamar is an innovative knowledge based production company providing all round services in the field of metal and mechanics. Hamar provides service to the heavy industry in Iceland and a wide scale service to the Icelandic fishing industry, the fishing fleet, fish meal and fish oil factories, fish processing plants as well as the food industry in Iceland. The main type of service is metal work as well as technical service.

It is Hamar´s goal to provide premium service to its customers. Flexibility of the company has been one of its strengths, as the requirements of our costumer spectrum are very different. Hamar offers its customers:

  • Overall metal and mechanical solutions
  • Certified welders and welding procedures
  • Engineer and technical support, product design and development
  • Ship repair and maintenance work
  • Quality performance testing of our production products
  • Design and manufacture of products including CE marking as applicable.
  • Metal construction, black stainless steel and aluminium
  • Maintenance, repair and machinery manufacture
  • Extensive Lathe workshop, CNC machines and CAD / CAM application
  • Jack Construction, maintenance and repair
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic design, maintenance and repair work


Maintenance and repair work of the highest standard